During these trying times, with a pandemic changing our everyday lives, it's important we all continue to do our part and help protect not just yourself but everyone around you. A way we can do this when venturing out into public when needed, an additional barrier between us and the world is recommended. Out of respect for everyone, whether you chose to or not, be accepting of those who decide to dawn a mask and are opting to help protect each other. With that said and with the help of a pattern from a fellow creative (@thepoorwillway), we developed some masks that can help achieve that function.


A limited run of these masks will be available while supplies last. Its a one size fits most (OSFM) mask, varying in 3 different materials & fabric weights. Straps are provided to allow for around the ear or around the head comfortability.


With the success of our recent LA Foodbank Donation Drive, we were gratefully able to raise enough funds to donate an equivalent of 2800 meals through the LA Foodbank. I think it only makes send to extend this campaign. As COVID-19 continues to persist and stretch our time in an isolated state, the unemployment rate continues to climb. In turn more and more people will turn to social support to help keep their families with meals on the table.
So with that said, with each mask purchased, STS will be donating an equal amount to supply 8 meals through the LA Foodbank to supply 8 meals. We have so far reached another 504 meals with the first batch of masks made. This next round can in turn add another 216 meals, reaching a total of 720 meals. I think we can do it! Thank you!!