The term Heritage represents tradition, it represents history and it represents a story of how things came to be. When we first embarked on this adventure, we didn't fully understand what we were building but we did know, embracing this term would be some sort of foundation to build on. 

The Heritage Originals collection originally started with our first ever sample cut of jeans which utilized this beautiful Pandora Memphis Indigo denim, dyed and woven at the infamous White Oak factory, courtesy of Cone Mills. Little did we know at first we were working with what was the iconic 1968 style. As time would tell, and for good reason, we grew more and more in love with this fabric and had decided this would be our staple and go to denim of choice. Every garment we continued to make that would embrace this beautiful denim would forever be included within this collection.

Unfortunately, the White Oak factory has since closed and this denim will no longer exist outside of the deadstock rolls that are out there in the world. We did get our hands on some more yardage before the doors closed and have used them sparingly when introducing new pieces. However, we are down to the last bit of yardage and going forward, will only have enough to makes some one off pieces with it.

So with that, we are proud to say and stand behind, this fabric honors our tradition, it is part of our history and will forever be our heritage story of how things came to be for Stock Tank Supply.

Fabric Details:

  • White Oak 1968, Cone Mills Denim - Deadstock
  • 13.5 oz Red Line Selvedge
  • Memphis Indigo
  • 100% Cotton
  • RHT
  • Sanforized