Summer 1983, and so it began.
I guess you can say I've been a denim head since before I even knew what the term meant. As a young Albertan kid in early grade school strutting jeans with the leather yokes and coin pockets, to rocking some Paco or Kansas jeans with some sneaks. Then in junior high I graduated to wearing European denim (Motore, Costello, C-17 & Replay) while making fashion statements repping biker boots with cut and frayed hems on my jeans. In high school I went back to rocking classic 501s and low top sneaks before I began to venture into the world of GStar and Diesel with their unique patterns and amazing fades. Once I stepped into world of raw denim though, circa 2007 as I stumbled upon a pair of Nudies, the Average Joe, and their wear me for 6 months without washing marketing strategy had me sold, I haven't looked back and never will. So to ask if denim is a passion, I wouldn't just say yes, I would say it's a part of me, it's some of who I am. Everyday.
To date, I've made a career in the oil and gas industry. Starting as laborer, then decided maybe I should read some books and get a degree. Making denim goods was never something I ever even imagined, never mind thought was possible. But after a round of sticks and a cold one with a good friend, conversation was had and a thought was sparked about making some custom jeans. Throughout that process, it was clear to me I enjoyed the new challenge. The engineer in me reveled in the research of what was the best thread to use, stitch types and counts, what hardware was needed for durability, pattern construction and of course what was the top quality denim work with. When it came to determining the first fit, my O&G history gave me some insight into what quality workwear and durable goods would require to stand up to the hard days of a laborer or craftsman. It also gave me a glimpse as to what kinds of clean cut might fly in an office setting. With all that said, everything I put into this couldn't just end with a single custom pair of jeans, there had to be more.
So now, as I attempt to merge my focus on the quality of materials, paying attention to construction and detail, working with like minded and responsible individuals, using vintage and classic influences, leaning into my personal style and an overall appreciation of just creating;
I bring you Stock Tank Supply & Co.
Stay tuned, a beginning has to start somewhere.