Who are we, what are we?
STS is more than just a label or your average denim brand, STS is an environment focused on creation, focused on impact and focused on collaboration. As we continue to grow and evolve, this will forever be a space to showcase art, in all forms. The bumps and bruises along the way will help shape our foundation and portray our true character. There are three fundamental aspects to who we are.
All STS goods are created in small batch and single runs only. Once these works are out of our hands and out into the world, we will never again create the same thing. This allows us to continuously pursue new ideas and challenge our creative process.
With an endearing respect to those in the labor force, we create garments that are built to work and made to last. These garments will withstand everyday use from those in skilled trades that keep the world moving day in day out.  
As we focus on finding ways to reduce our environmental impact, we are steadily searching for the highest quality raw & deadstock fabrics which reduces water usage and un-necessary wash treatments. As well as bringing to life repurposed or organically made materials to keep a responsible and sustainable approach to our operations. 
We require the same commitment and dedication from our vendors and expect the same from those supporting STS. 
We live life raw, uncut and to the fullest. We stay real to who we are and what we believe. We are consciously responsible in all aspects our operation.
This is how we do. 
This is Stock Tank Supply!
As STS continues to grow and the operations take shape, we will be providing a system that supplies garments or food for those in need. With the "One for One | Everyone" approach, for every garment purchased, STS will in turn provide a necessity item for someone in need, to help with their current situation. This could be in the form of meals, hygiene care packs, climate focused garments or monetary donations. We are committed to keeping this initiative alive and a fundamental aspect of what STS is all about. Each year we will evaluate and determine a local group to support with an aligning mission and determine the appropriate way to participate.
This year we are excited to again be partnering with the YEG Holiday Heroes to help give the gift of HEALTH & HYGIENE this holiday season. Holiday Heroes takes donations every Christmas and wraps them up as gifts, then on Christmas morning, walk the streets of downtown Edmonton handing out these gifts to those less fortunate. This year, STS pledges that with all garment purchases from January 1st up until December 23rd, we will match 5% of revenue to funding the completion of hygiene care packs for our gift donations to support the YEG Holiday Heroes efforts. The goal this year is to provide a minimum of 100 care packs. Thank you all for the love and support!!! 
While this ever evolving creation continues to come to life, we envision STS as a creative landscape for those who have a similar foundation, mindset and approach to their creativity. We dream of an environment where together we can provide a platform that helps build each other up and build a community where we can support one another as well as showcase our own individual artistic talents.