Dead Denim Head | Field Cap '19 | Lot 3

Dead Denim Head | Field Cap '19 | Lot 3

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6 Panel Strap Back | Deep Indigo x Memphis Indigo | Deadstock Cone Mills White Oak Selvedge

Cotton & Polyester | RHT | Sanforized | Raw-Rigid-Unwashed

  • Dead Denim Head chainstitch embroidery by Pyschic Stitch
  • Vintage baseball cap, un-structured, low profile
  • 11oz 2x1 Open Ended 24% Indigo Selvedge crown
  • 13.5oz Memphis Indigo Red Line Selvedge visor
  • Leather strap
  • STS engraved antiqued brass clasp
  • Batch of 40
  • Cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California
  • 2019

If choosing to add Chenille lettering, please allow 1+ weeks from placing order before we can ship. Each hat is currently blank and will need to get in the hands of the talented Psychic Stitch to complete the lettering. We appreciate your patience!

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